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Is your website vulnerable to attack?  Protect your IIS website with Peterson IT Consulting's audit expert service.

Standard Site Audit:  We test your IIS website for all of the vulnerabilities commonly exploited by crackers and worms like Nimda and Code Red.  We issue you with a detailed report describing any vulnerabilities found, their potential impact on your website and what steps you should take to neutralise the risk.

Deluxe Site Audit: In addition to the services provided by the Standard Site Audit, we will test your IIS webserver for other vulnerabilities and backdoors.

Quarterly Audit Subscription or Continuous Monitoring Service: New exploits are found by crackers ever day.  To ensure that you aren't caught out, our team will check your website at least once every day and will alert you the minute any vulnerabilities are found.

To find out more about how Peterson IT Consulting's audit expert service can help protect your business' IIS website against crackers and Internet worms contact us on

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